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Melvin Mallari



An aspiring Effective Altruist. I'm interested in the intersection of social impact and building a fulfilling career. Previously a mechanical design engineer, I decided to become a software developer when I realized the scale of impact software is having on the world at large. I spent the three months prior to my bootcamp immersing myself in computer science fundamentals, reveling at the rigor of Algorithms & Data Structures. At App Academy, I dedicated 100 hours a week studying the practice of building with web technologies. I've learned a lot in a little time, and I'm excited to keep going.

Green Arrow

A single page web application that allows users to buy and sell stocks with accurate real-time pricing, for free. Users are provided historical and intraday stock price fluctuation visualization and curated articles to inform their decisions. Built with a React & Redux frontend, Ruby on Rails backend, and Postgresql database. Integrates Recharts.js, IEX Stock and News API. Inspired by Robinhood.


A remake of the classic game Pac-man featuring the Cookie Monster. Cookie-Mon features sprite collision detection, and four path finding algorithms- one for each ghosts. The visual interface was built with HTML Canvas and CSS. The game logic was coded in pure Javascript.

Sweet Analytics

A portmanteau of sentiment tweet analytics. Sweet Analytics was a group based MERN stack project. My primary role in the team was building out the capabilities to allow the inflow and storage of data through various API calls in the backend. I was able to achieve analysis across 7 tone categories by linking tweet data fetched using the Twitter API with the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API. I then structured subsequent output to be interpretable for the data visualization team, gaining me familiarity to Chart.js as well as experience in team git workflow.